Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday Homecoming Game and Saturday Chilhowie Schedule

Don't forget call time for the game tomorrow is 5pm, if you want pizza bring $5. We are performing our competition show during pregame. Lebanon's band goes on at 6:50. We will take the field immediately afterwards. Immediately following we will play the national anthem and fight song. For OUR game day, make sure you arrive at least 30 mins before call time. Saturday's schedule will roughly be as follows: 
Saturday schedule

9am-colorguard sectional and makeup. 
12pm-Full Rehearsal begins 
12:45-Last run
1-1:45-dress and load (light lunch provided) 
2-depart for Chilhowie 
3:45-arrive at Chilhowie
4:05-warm up
5-load trailer and change into casual clothes. 
9:30-depart Chilhowie 
11:30-Arrive at Central and hang up uniforms. 

Times are approximate.

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