2014 Band Camp Policies and Procedures

Central High School Marching Band
2014 Band Camp Policies and Procedures
In order to have a safe and successful year, we will follow a set of rules and regulations.  The following list of rules and regulations of Central High School and Wise County School District policies
·    No Alcoholic Beverages
·    No Smoking
·    No Illegal Substances
·    No Fireworks
·    No Weapons
·    NO HAZING or Harassment of any kind
·    No Physical Abuse of any kind

·         It must be understood that in addition to the immediate dismissal from camp, any
violator(s) would face legal consequences as well as CHS consequences including
suspension from school and/or legal action.

-Students are required to remain on campus throughout camp. No one is allowed to leave campus for lunch or any other reason. At the beginning of each day all students are required to turn in their keys to Mr. Brown. This is for YOUR safety. All keys will be individually placed in an envelope and kept in a secure location; then returned to you at the end of the day.

-Students are NOT allowed to use cell phones during camp. Any concern about communication between parents and students should be addressed to Mr. Brown by a parent or guardian. The purpose of this is to ensure maximum focus on rehearsal from each student.

-No one is allowed to drink any sugar or energy drinks during camp. This is for your health and safety. Gatorade is permitted however you are strongly encouraged to drink water.

-PLEASE KEEP OUR SCHOOL CLEAN. Do not leave trash outside or in the school building. There will be garbage cans provided during lunch. Take pride in your school and your program and do not litter.


On the first day of camp all students will be given a medical form which needs to be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian. This form must be returned the FOLLOWING DAY. It is very important and these forms are received by Mr. Brown and filled out accurately. This is for the safety of yourself and your fellow students. Any prescription medication must be given to Mr. Brown at the beginning of camp and will be distributed when needed by each individual. Any prior or current medical conditions must be known by the Director and staff. Any questions or concerns about the medical form or anything health related should be directed to Mr. Brown

What Do I Need To Bring?

·         Water
·         Sunscreen
·         Tennis shoes. Flip flops and sandals are NOT permitted
·         Your Instrument. Students playing school owned instruments (tuba, baritone, etc.) will be provided an instrument
·         Instrument accessories such as valve oil and reeds.
·         A pencil
·        Band Camp Fee $85
·         Proper clothing such as shorts, t-shirt, hat, sunglasses. Bathing suits are NOT appropriate however you may want to bring a rain poncho in case of inclement weather.
·        Your own lunch. The Band will not be providing lunch, drinks will be provided. It is recommended that your lunch include non perishable items such as sandwiches. There is a limited amount of space for refrigerators and freezers.
·       An open mind, positive attitude, energy and enthusiasm!


Camp  Week 1 at CHS=Monday July 21rd-Friday July 25th 8am-12pm

Camp  Week 2 at CHS=Monday July 28-Friday August 1 8am-5pm

By virtue of being a member of the Central High School Band, you have placed upon yourself an obligation, not only to yourself, but to the entire organization.  Attendance at all rehearsals is mandatory.  There are few excused absences, and these should be cleared with the director in advance.

-We are gearing up to have a very successful season. This is a new school and new program, which means you have the opportunity to set the standard for what you want this program to be remembered by. Remember that YOU determine the success of your band. Let’s work together to DEFINE THE STANDARD of the Central High School Marching Band. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with all of you.

Josh Brown
Director of Bands
Central High School
L.F. Addington Middle School
J.W. Adams Combined School
bandroom office # 276-328-8015